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Webinar Advanced Methods in Predictive Modeling for Food Safety by Dr. Lihan Huang (USDA)

Serdang, 30th April 2024 - The Laboratory of Food Safety and Food Integrity (FoSFI), Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Food Security (ITAFoS) and the Department of Food Science, Faculty of Food Science and Technology have organized a 1.5-hour webinar, attended by 50 participants.

In this webinar, Dr. Huang demonstrated his ready-to-use predictive modeling tools, USDA Integrated Predictive Modeling Program (IPMP) that was launched in 2013 and IPMP Global-Fit that was launched in 2017. While IPMP 2013 and IPMP Global-Fit are robust tools for constant temperature conditions, having a predictive modeling tool that can analyze dynamic temperature profile offers much greater opportunities. Currently, he is developing IPMP Dynamic tool for such conditions.

Dr. Huang emphasized that users able to use those predictive modeling tools without having a strong knowledge on programming languages, as these predictive modeling tools able to estimate kinetic parameters, generate graph, and compute statistical analyses once users feed the raw data. He also stated that experts in predictive modeling for food safety is still lacking as food safety is still a major concern across countries.
Dr. Lihan Huang is a Research Leader in the Microbial and Chemical Food Safety Unit at Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC), located in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. ERRC is one of many research facilities under Agricultural Research Service (ARS) agency, that is internally funded to conduct agrifood research for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Dr. Huang is currently serving as supervisor for Dr. Nurul Hawa Ahmad, who is undergoing postdoctoral training on modeling growth and survival kinetics of foodborne pathogens in meat and egg products since November 2022. Dr. Nurul Hawa is sponsored by USDA via the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) fellowship. Dr. Huang and Dr. Ahmad have published two articles on the growth of Bacillus spp. in liquid egg yolks, through research collaboration between ERRC and Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), USDA.


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