Year 2016



1 Faridah Abas Leong, S.W.a,  Abas, F.ab ,  Lam, K.W.c,  Shaari,,  Lajis, N.H.a    2-Benzoyl-6-benzylidenecyclohexanone analogs as potent dual inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry
2 Jinap  Selamat Iqbal, S.Z.ab ,  Asi, M.R.c,  Nisar, S.a,  Zia, K.M.a,  Jinap, ,  Malik, N.e   A limited survey of aflatoxins and zearalenone in feed and feed ingredients from Pakistan Journal of Food Protection
3 Mehrnoush Amid    Amid, M.a ,  Asmadi, F.A.a,  Hussin, M.a,  Manap, M.Y.ab,  Islam Sarker, M.Z.c,  Hean, C.G.a   A novel aqueous micellar two-phase system composed of surfactant and mannitol for purification of polygalacturonase enzyme from Durio zibethinus Murray and recycling phase components Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia)
4 Jinap Selamat Daniali, G.,  Jinap, S.,  Hajeb, P.,  Sanny, M.,  Tan, C.P.  Acrylamide formation in vegetable oils and animal fats during heat treatment Food Chemistry
5 Nur Hanani Zainal Abedin Maryam Adilah, Z.A.a,  Nur Hanani, Z.A.ab    Active packaging of fish gelatin films with Morinda citrifolia oil Food Bioscience
6 Azizah Abdul Hamid Gooda Sahib Jambocus, N., Saari, N., Ismail, A., Khatib, A., Mahomoodally, M.F., Abdul Hamid, A. An Investigation into the Antiobesity Effects of Morinda citrifolia L. Leaf Extract in High Fat Diet Induced Obese Rats Using a 1H NMR Metabolomics Approach Journal of Diabetes Research
7 Nazamid Saari Vishkaei, M.S.a ,  Ebrahimpour, A.b ,  Abdul-Hamid, A.a ,  Ismail, A.c ,  Saari, N.a    Angiotensin-I converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory and anti-hypertensive effect of protein hydrolysate from Actinopyga lecanora (Sea Cucumber) in rats  Marine Drugs
8 Yaya Rukayadi Isa, T.ab ,  Zakaria, ,  Rukayadi, Y.b ,  Hezmee, M.N.M.d ,  Jaji, A.Z.c ,  Imam, M.U.a ,  Hammadi, N.I.c ,  Mahmood, S.K.c    Antibacterial activity of ciprofloxacin-encapsulated cockle shells calcium carbonate (Aragonite) nanoparticles and its biocompatability in macrophage J774A.1 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
9 Son Radu New, C.Y., Amalia, A.R., Ramzi, O.S.B., Son, R. Antibiotic resistance evolution of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and colloidal silver as the nanoweapon International Food Research Journal
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11 Faridah Abas Akhtar, M.T.,  Sarib, M.S.B.M.,  Ismail, I.S.,  Abas, F.,  Ismail, A.,  Lajis, N.H.,  Shaari, K.    Anti-diabetic activity and metabolic changes induced by Andrographis paniculata plant extract in obese diabetic rats Molecules
12 Yaya Rukayadi Raja Mazlan, R.N.A.a,  Zakaria, M.P.M.b,  Rukayadi, Y.ab    Antimicrobial activity of fingerroot [Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf. A.] extract against Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology
13 Azizah Abdul Hamid Fatanah, D.N.,  Abdullah, N. ,  Hashim, N.,  Hamid, A.A.   Antioxidant activity, colour and mineral content of herbal tea prepared from Cosmos caudatus leaves at different maturity stages Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences
14 Faridah Abas Umar Lawal, Khozirah Shaari, Intan Safinar Ismail, Alfi Khatib and Faridah Abas Antioxidant and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities of Isolated Compounds from Ipomoea aquatica Records of Natural Products
15 Rashidah Sukor Farah, A.A.a,  Sukor, R.a ,  Fatimah, A.B.a,  Jinap, S.ab   Application of nanomaterials in the development of biosensors for food safety and quality control  International Food Research Journal
16 Mehrnoush Amid Roohinejad, S., Koubaa, M., Barba, F.J., Saljoughian, S., Amid, M., Greiner, R. Application of seaweeds to develop new food products with enhanced shelf-life, quality and health-related beneficial properties Food Research International
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18 Tan Chin Ping Biswas, N.a,  Cheow, Y.L.a,  Tan, C.P.b,  Siow, L.F.a    Blending of Palm Mid-Fraction, Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Kernel Oil or Palm Stearin for Cocoa Butter Alternative JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society
19 Roselina Karim Tan, B.L., Norhaizan, M.E., Hazilawati, H., Roselina, K. Brewers' rice, a by-product from rice processing, has antiproliferative activity on human colorectal cancer (HT-29) cell line International Food Research Journal
20 Nor Khaizura Mahmud @ Ab Rashid Chin, Y.-Z.,  Velu, S.,  Abu Bakar, F.,  Nor-Khaizura, M.-A.-R.    Characterization and the influence of milk solids-not-fat on the bacteriocin produced by Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis S20 isolated from Chinese sauerkraut, a traditional fermented vegetable Annals of Microbiology
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23 Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin Choong, C.C., 1
Anzian, A., 1
Che Wan Sapawi, C.W.N.S. and *1, 2Meor Hussin, A.S
Characterization of Sugar from Arenga pinnata and Saccharum officinarum sugars International Food Research Journal
24 Faridah Abas Muhammad Abubakar Ado, Faridah Abas, Sze Wei Leong, Khozirah Shaari, Intan Safinar Ismail, Hasanah M. Ghazali, Nordin H. Lajis Chemical constituents and biological activities of Callicarpa maingayi leaves South African Journal of Botany
25 Abdulkarim Sabo Mohamed Kaikabo Adamu Ahmad, AbdulKarim Sabo Mohammed and Farida Abas Chitosan Nanoparticles as Carriers for the Delivery of KAZ14 Bacteriophage for Oral Biological Control of Colibacillosis in Chickens Molecules
26 Sharifah Kharidah Syed Muhammad Makeri, M.U.a,  Karim, R.a,  Abdulkarim, M.S.a,  Ghazali, H.M.a,  Miskandar, M.S.b,  Muhammad, K.a    Comparative Analysis of the Physico-Chemical, Thermal, and Oxidative Properties of Winged Bean and Soybean Oils International Journal of Food Properties
27 Tan Chin Ping Tan, T.B.,  Yussof, N.S,  Abas, F.,  Mirhosseini, H.,  Nehdi, I.A.,  Tan, C.P.    Comparing the formation of lutein nanodispersion prepared by using solvent displacement method and high-pressure valve homogenization: Effects of formulation parameters Journal of Food Engineering
28 Chua Bee Lia Chua, B.-L. ,  Goh, B.,  Huffman, L.,  Jai, C.,  Karim, S.   Cruise Passengers’ Perception of Key Quality Attributes of Cruise Lines in North America Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management
29 Nur Hanani Zainal Abedin Nur Hanani, Z.A.ab ,  Abdullah, S.a Development of green banana (Musa paradisiaca) as potential food packaging films and coatings International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology
30 Yaya Rukayadi Saidykhan, L.a,  Bakar, M.Z.B.A.b ,  Rukayadi,,  Kura, A.U.d,  Latifah, S.Y.e   Development of nanoantibiotic delivery system using cockle shell-derived aragonite nanoparticles for treatment of osteomyelitis  International Journal of Nanomedicine
31 Rashidah Sukor Sharmili,,  Jinap, S.ab ,  Sukor, R.a   Development, optimization and validation of QuEChERS based liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for determination of multimycotoxin in vegetable oil Food Control
32 Faridah Abas Abdul-Hamid, N.A.a ,  Mediani, A.b ,  Maulidiani, M.a ,  Abas, F.ab ,  Ismail, ,  Shaari, ,  Lajis, N.H.a    Discrimination and nitric oxide inhibitory activity correlation of Ajwa dates from different grades and origin Molecules
33 Faridah Abas Lawal, U.,  Maulidiani, M.,  Shaari, K.,  Ismail, I.S.,  Khatib, A.,  Abas, F.    Discrimination of Ipomoea aquatica cultivars and bioactivity correlations using NMR-based metabolomics approach Plant Biosystems
34 Tan Chin Ping Chew, S.-C.a,  Tan, C.-P.b,  Long, K.c,  Nyam, K.-L.a    Effect of chemical refining on the quality of kenaf (hibiscus cannabinus) seed oil Industrial Crops and Products
35 Faridah Abas Abu Bakar Sajak, A. , Abas, F. , Ismail, A. , Khatib, A.  Effect of Different Drying Treatments and Solvent Ratios on Phytochemical Constituents of Ipomoea aquatica and Correlation with α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity  International Journal of Food Properties
36 Seyed Hamed Mirhorseini Hedayatnia, S.a,  Mirhosseini, H.a ,  Amid, B.T.a,  Sarker, Z.I.b,  Veličkovska, S.K.c,  Karim, R.a   Effect of different fat replacers and drying methods on thermal behaviour, morphology and sensory attributes of reduced-fat coffee creamer  LWT - Food Science and Technology
37 Norhayati Binti Hussain Roiaini, M., Seyed H. M.,  Jinap, S. and Norhayati, H Effect of extraction methods on yield, oxidative value, phytosterols and antioxidant content of cocoa butter International Food Research Journal 
38 Mohd Yazid Abdul Manap Fathordoobady, F.,  Mirhosseini, H.,  Selamat, J.,  Manap, M.Y.A.    Effect of solvent type and ratio on betacyanins and antioxidant activity of extracts from Hylocereus polyrhizus flesh and peel by supercritical fluid extraction and solvent extraction  Food Chemistry
39 Tan Chin Ping Leong, M.-H.a,  Tan, C.-P.b,  Nyam, K.-L.a    Effects of Accelerated Storage on the Quality of Kenaf Seed Oil in Chitosan-Coated High Methoxyl Pectin-Alginate Microcapsules Journal of Food Science
40 Roselina Karim Adeyemi, ,  Sazili,,  Ebrahimi, M.d,  Samsudin, A.A.a,  Alimon, A.R.a,  Karim, R.e,  Karsani, S.A.g,  Sabow, A.B.ah   Effects of blend of canola oil and palm oil on nutrient intake and digestibility, growth performance, rumen fermentation and fatty acids in goats Animal Science Journal
41 Norhasnida Zawawi Sarega, N.ab,  Imam, M.U.a ,  Esa, N.M.b ,  Zawawi, N.c ,  Ismail, M.ab    Effects of phenolic-rich extracts of Clinacanthus nutans on high fat and high cholesterol diet-induced insulin resistance BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 
42 Nik Iskandar Putra Samsudin Samsudin, N.I.P.ab,  Magan, N.a Efficacy of potential biocontrol agents for control of Fusarium verticillioides and fumonisin B1 under different environmental conditions World Mycotoxin Journal
43 Tan Chin Ping Chan, S.W.a,  Mirhosseini, H.b,  Taip, F.S.c,  Ling, T.C.d,  Nehdi, I.A.e,  Tan, C.P.b    Emulsion formulation optimization and characterization of spray-dried κ-carrageenan microparticles for the encapsulation of CoQ10 Food Science and Biotechnology
44 Seyed Hamed Mirhorseini Tamnak, S.,  Mirhosseini, H. ,  Tan, C.P.,  Tabatabaee Amid, B.,  Kazemi, M.,  Hedayatnia, S.   Encapsulation properties, release behavior and physicochemical characteristics of water-in-oil-in-water (W/O/W) emulsion stabilized with pectin-pea protein isolate conjugate and Tween 80  Food Hydrocolloids
45 Son Radu Elexson, N., Rukayadi, Y., Nakaguchi, Y., Nishibuchi, M., Son, R. Evaluation of cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) against antibiotics resistant Vibrio parahaemolyticus on seafood International Food Research Journal
46 Nazamid Saari Ab Kadir, S.b ,  Wan-Mohtar, W.A.A.Q.I.a ,  Mohammad, R.c,  Abdul Halim Lim, S.d,  Sabo Mohammed, A.b,  Saari, N.b    Evaluation of commercial soy sauce koji strains of Aspergillus oryzae for γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) production Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
47 Abdulkarim Sabo Mohamed A. A. Kaikabo, S. M. AbdulKarim, and F. Abas Evaluation of the efficacy of chitosan nanoparticles loaded KAZ14 bacteriophage in the biological control of colibacillosis in chickens Poultry Science
48 Faridah Abas Muhammad, A.A.a,  Arulselvan, P.a,  Cheah, P.S.b,  Abas, F.c,  Fakurazi, S.ab    Evaluation of wound healing properties of bioactive aqueous fraction from Moringa oleifera Lam on experimentally induced diabetic animal model Drug Design Development and Therapy 
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50 Tan Chin Ping Tan, T.B.,  Yussof, N.S.,  Abas, F.,  Mirhosseini, H.,  Nehdi, I.A.,  Tan, C.P.    Forming a lutein nanodispersion via solvent displacement method: The effects of processing parameters and emulsifiers with different stabilizing mechanisms Food Chemistry
51 Nazamid Saari Zarei, M.ab,  Ghanbari, R.a,  Tajabadi, N.a,  Abdul-Hamid, A.a,  Bakar, F.A.a,  Saari, N.a    Generation, Fractionation, and Characterization of Iron-Chelating Protein Hydrolysate from Palm Kernel Cake Proteins Journal of Food Science
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53 Jinap Selamat Jinap, S.ab ,  Iqbal, ,  Talib, N.H.a,  Hasnol, N.D.S.a   Heterocyclic aromatic amines in deep fried lamb meat: The influence of spices marination and sensory quality Journal of Food Science and Technology
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56 Nazamid Saari Muhialdin, B.J.,  Hassan, Z.,  Bakar, F.A.,  Saari, N. 
Identification of antifungal peptides produced by Lactobacillus plantarum IS10 grown in the MRS broth Food Control 
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59 Seyed Hamed Mirhorseini Hedayatnia, S.,  Mirhosseini, H. ,  Tamnak, S.,  Golpira, F.   Improvement of Glass Transition and Flowability of Reduced-Fat Coffee Creamer: Effect of Fat Replacer and Fluidized Bed Drying Food and Bioprocess Technology
60 Tan Chin Ping Cheong, A.M.,  Tan, K.W.,  Tan, C.P.,  Nyam, K.L.    Improvement of physical stability properties of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) seed oil-in-water nanoemulsions Industrial Crops and Products
61 Yaya Rukayadi Zulfa, Z.a,  Chia, C.T.a,  Rukayadi, Y.ab    In vitro antimicrobial activity of Cymbopogon citratus (lemongrass) extracts against selected foodborne pathogens International Food Research Journal
62 Tan Chin Ping Cheong, A.M.a,  Tan, C.P.b,  Nyam, K.L.a    In vitro evaluation of the structural and bioaccessibility of kenaf seed oil nanoemulsions stabilised by binary emulsifiers and β-cyclodextrin complexes Journal of Food Engineering
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64 Hasanah Mohd Ghazali Khaliq, G.,  Muda Mohamed, M.T., Ghazali, H.M.,  Ding, P.,
Ali, A.
Influence of gum arabic coating enriched with calcium chloride on physiological, biochemical and quality responses of mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit stored under low temperature stress   Postharvest Biology and Technology 
65 Tan Chin Ping Cheong, A.M.a,  Tan, C.P.b,  Nyam, K.L.a    In-vitro gastrointestinal digestion of kenaf seed oil-in-water nanoemulsions Industrial Crops and Products
66 Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin W.W.Y. Voon1
, Y. Rukayadi2 and A.S. Meor Hussin
Isolation and identification of biocellulose-producing
bacterial strains from Malaysian acidic fruits
Letters in Applied Microbiology
67 Tan Chin Ping Cheong, A.M.,  Tan, K.W.,  Tan, C.P.,  Nyam, K.L.    Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) seed oil-in-water Pickering nanoemulsions stabilised by mixture of sodium caseinate, Tween 20 and β-cyclodextrin Food Hydrocolloids
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71 Noranizan Mohd Adzahan Koh, P.C.,  Noranizan, M.A. ,  Karim, R.,  Nur Hanani, Z.A.   Microbiological stability and quality of pulsed light treated cantaloupe (Cucumis melo L. reticulatus cv. Glamour) based on cut type and light fluence Journal of Food Science and Technology
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81 Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin Fawzia Jassim Shalsh, Noor Azlina Ibrahim, Mohammed Arifullah, Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin Optimization of the Protoplast Fusion Conditions of
Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia stipitis for Improvement of Bioethanol Production from Biomass
Asian Journal of Biological Sciences
82 Mehrnoush Amid Amid, M.,  Murshid, F.S.,  Manap, M.Y.,  Sarker, Z.I.   Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of pectinase enzyme from guava (Psidium guajava) peel: Enzyme recovery, specific activity, temperature, and storage stability Preparative Biochemistry & Biotechnology
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90 Ahmad Faizal Abdull Razis Hamidi, E.N.,  Hajeb, P,  Selamat, J.,  Razis, A.F.A. 
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their bioaccessibility in meat: A tool for assessing human cancer risk  Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 
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