Year 2018

YEAR 2018


1. Dr. Nik Iskandar Putra Bin Samsudin Mycological Quality And Mycotoxin Contamination Of Spices, Sauces And Pastes At Consumer Level In Selangor, Malaysia UPM
2. Dr. Muhamad Hafiz Abd Rahim Quality Attributes Profiling And Shelf-Life Improvement Of Red Sugarcane (Saccharum Officinarum I.) UPM
3. Dr. Ahmad Haniff Jaafar Ergogenic Attributes And Metabolites Profiling Of Coconut Water From Four Most Popular Malaysia Coconut Varieties UPM
4. Prof. Dr. Tan Chin Ping Development And Optimization Of A Triple Quadrupole Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer Intrumental Mehod For The Detection Of 3-, 2- Monochloropropane-1, 2-Diol And Glycidyl Esters In Palm Oil Subjected To Different High-Temperature Cooking Methods And Food Systems, And Development Of A Mitigation Strategy Based On Antioxidants UPM
5. Dr. Ahmad Fareed Ismail Successful Internet Adoption And Implementation In Promoting Food Tourism UPM
6. Prof. Madya Dr. Nor Ainy Mahyudin Develoment Of A Centralized Kitchen Model Using Haccp Principles Towards Safer Foods In Mara Junior Science Colleges (Mjsc) In Malaysia UPM
7. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahrim Ab. Karim Understanding Role Of Local Food Products In Developing Tourism Destination : A Case Study Of The Lenggong Valley World Heritage Site UPM
8. Prof. Madya Dr. Yaya Rukayadi Physicochemical Characteristics, Microbial Safety And Biological Activities Of Fermented Sesame Seeds Dregs UPM
9. Dr. Siti Fatimah Mohamad The Supply And Demand Of Hospitality Graduates Competencies : How To Strategize Internship Programs In Facing The Fourth Industrial Revolution? UPM
10. Prof. Madya Dr. Nur Hanani Zainal Abedin Development Of Hydrophobic Coating On Kraft Paper With Antimicrobial Properties For Food Packaging Application UPM
11. Prof. Dr. Tan Chin Ping Evaluation Of The In Vitro Stability And Antioxidant Activity Of Nanoencapsulated Anthocyanins Extracted From Ripened Fruits Of Carissa Carandas Linn. UPM
12. Prof. Madya Dr. Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin Developments And Characterization Of Functional Powdered Kombucha Tea Beverages UPM
13. Prof. Dr. Azizah Abdul Hamid Metabolomics Approaches To Investigate The Ergogenic Effect Of Morinda Citrifolia L. Extract In Obese Sprague Dawley Rats UPM
14. Prof. Madya Dr. Rabiha Sulaiman Production Of Cantaloupe (Cucumis Melo) Fruit Powder Using Different Drying Methods And Quality Attributes During Storage UPM
15. Prof. Dr. Nazamid Saari Production Of Hydrolysate Containing Biopeptides From Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabis) Seed Protiens And Their Bioactivities UPM
16. Prof. Madya Dr. Maimunah Sanny Migration Of Styrene Monomer From General-Purpose Polystyrene (Gpps) Dishware To Food Simulants And Local Food Dishes UPM
17. Prof. Madya Dr. Radhiah Shukri Physicochemical And Functional Properties Of Defatted Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Flesh And Its Application In Food System UPM
18. Prof. Madya Dr. Radhiah Shukri Enhancement Of Antioxidant And Antimicrobial Activities By Spontaneous Fermentation Of Garcinia Mangostana Pericarp UPM
19. Prof. Madya Dr. Norhayati Hussain Characterization And Tocopherols Bioavailability Of Chia Seed Oil Extract From Technology Supercritical Fluid UPM
20. Prof. Madya Dr. Nur Hanani Zainal Abedin Development Of Nanocomposite Chitosan Films Incorporated With Graphene Oxide For Active Packaging UPM
21. Prof. Dr. Nazamid Saari Production And Characterization Of Enzymatically Hydrolysis Of Whey Protien Concentrate UPM
22. Prof. Dr. Nazamid Saari Develolment Of Textured Vegetable Protein From Mung Bean Protein Isolate And Its Effect On Meat Patty Quality UPM
23. Prof. Dr. Azizah Abdul Hamid Metabolites From Polygonum Minus Huds As Potent Anti-Ageing Strategy Using Nmr-Based Metabolomic UPM
24. Prof. Madya Dr. Radhiah Shukri Contribution Of Lipid In Development Amylose-Lipid Complex Through Modified Cooking To Lower Glycemic Index In Rice UPM
25. Dr. Ismail Fitry Mohammad Rashedi Knowledge Transfer On The Production Of Frozen Fish-Based Products From Tilapia Fish MOHE
26. Prof. Madya Dr. Chong Gun Hean Pilot Scale Extraction Protocol Of Xanthone From Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana) Peel Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide With Virgin Coconut Oil Assisted And Carbon Footprint Of The Extraction Process UPM
27. Prof. Madya Dr. Nur Hanani Zainal Abedin Impregnation Effect Of Graphene Oxide And Glutaraldehyde On The Functional Properties Of Gelatin Nanocomposite Films UPM
28. Prof. Madya Dr. Nor Khaizura Mahmud @ Ab. Rashid Revealing The Antimicrobial Properties Of Sugarcane Molasses And The Bacteriostic Mechanisms Towards Foodborne Pathogen UPM
29. Dr. Noor Liyana Yusof Effect Of Vacuum Impregnation Of Spinach Leaves On Package Gas Composition And Quality During Storage UPM
30. Prof. Madya Dr. Roselina Karim Development of Low Sugar/Sugar Free Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk Using Stevia UPM
31. Prof. Dr. Jinap Selamat Inhibitory Evaluation Of Atoxigenic Aspergillus Cultures Isolated From Peanuts And Their Characterized Bioactive Metabolite On Growth And Aflatoxin Production By Toxigenic Aspergillus SPP. UPM
32. Prof. Madya Dr. Roselina Karim Development Of Protein-Derived Food Products From Kenaf Seed Milk LEMBAGA KENAF DAN TEMBAKAU NEGARA
33. Prof. Madya Dr. Noranizan Mohd. Adzahan Repetitive Pulsed Light Treatment Of Fresh-Cut Pineapples Based On The Hurdle Approach UPM
34. Prof. Dr. Azizah Abdul Hamid Anti-Diabetic Property Of Citrullus Lanatus Leaf Extract In High Fat Diet And Stz Induced Diabetic Sprague Rats UPM
35. Prof. Madya Dr. Norhayati Hussain Characterization and Bioavailability of Tocopherols from Chia Seed Oil
Extracted using Green Technology Supercritical Fluid

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