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List of Departments

Department Food Science

The Department of Food Science is one of the departments which is a strong pillar of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology. The department has 22 Academic Officers, a Science Officer and 10 executives who are constantly working on the process of teaching and learning, as well as providing the best services in professional services.

The Department of Food Sciences is responsible for offering the Bachelor of Science and Food Technology (BSTM) program. The department also offers lecturers' expertise for several courses for the Bachelor of Science (Food Studies) program (BS (PMK)) and Bachelor of Science (Food Service Management) (BS (PPM)). The department also offers professional services and training programs in the field of food for those who are interested.

Department Food Technology

Department of Food Technology was established on March 01, 1982With its inception, the Department has pioneered the teaching, research and consultancy in the field of food processing and engineeringIt offers facilities like Pilot Plant, latest food processing and complete sensory laboratory.

Food Technology Department is responsible for offering the Bachelor of Science (Food Studies)/ (BS(PMK)) with twochoices of Food Management and Food MarketingDepartment of Food Technology is also helping the Department ofFood Science and Food Service Management Department to run the Bachelor of Science and Food Technology and also Bachelor of Science (Food Service Management)/ (BS(PPM)) by offering courses in the field of food processing andengineering.

Department also offers a Master and Doctor of Philosophy with a thesis in the field of Processing and Food Engineeringand Master of Food Technology program through course work.

Department Service and Management

The Department of Food Management and Service  was founded on January 16, 2005, as a result of the restructuring of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology. Initially, the department was responsible to offer the food management and food service courses for the Bachelor of Science (Food Studies) program.  

Recognizing the demand from the food service and management industry, the Faculty began offering the Bachelor of Science Food Service Management program beginning Semester 1 of 2012/2013 session. To accommodate the teaching and learning process, a Food Service Complex (Food 6) equipped with a state of the art industrial kitchen for food service training was completed in 2005.

Food 6 not only assists in the practical operation of the study program, but also boost the research activity of the Department in the field of food service. Food 6 also performs commercialization activities through L’apprenti Café, L’apprenti Deli and L’apprenti@Putra Restaurant. The Department also offers programs at the Masters and PhD level, with expert academic staffs in the field of food service and management.

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